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First time out on the "new" bike and I set the WADDRA record for the fastest bike ever to race at their track (it was their first meeting!).  6.69 seconds on the 1/8th mile... with the wheel spinning on the rough surface for all of the track.  Traction was not an option, but it sure made for a fun day out.



My first time card in a "real" quarter mile drag racing meeting.  This was a round of the Australian Open Drag Racing Season, 1st round in a 9.90 index race (closest to 9.90 without going under but still getting the line first, is the winner of the race)



The very first time I drag raced was at an 8th mile track in Ballarat.  I walked away a winner with 7 second times and a BIG grin on my face.  THIS IS FUN!


In 1993 Heathcote Park in Victoria ran an all bike meeting.  I raced at that meeting and got to see the late Elmer Trett set the Australian record at 6.92 sec. What a great pass to see from the sports true legend.