So what do you do on a cold, damp, wintry mid-May day in Geelong?

Play "wireless" on someone's roof! 



This was an antenna swap on a 20 foot mast.  We put a 24dbi antenna up the top of Dave's mast and pointed it at the new "stealth" 20dbi antenna in town (nearly 4km away).

Getting a link was nice though... pity the web leaching was a little slow.


The link SNR is better than it was, the signal level is higher (but so is the noise).  The link works ok for web browsing but turns to shite when we stream a download.  Current thinking is that the wireless overheads are re-transmitting or re-negotiating or SOMETHING!  Until we can run a wireless sniffer over it we are just guessing.  Does anyone want to donate a copy of Airopeek-NX or Wireless Sniffer Pro?