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Project ZED

Take a 1970's Kawasaki Z900 frame and engine, add the best handling improvement components from a 1998 Kawasaki ZX900r including forks, wheels, brakes and mono-shock swing arm

  (not my Z900 but similar)              (the ZX900R I bought in 2001)

then give it a drag bike rake and re-enforce the cradle to improve the original design,

(these pics June 2002)

then suddenly the  project starts to take shape.  Next is to do a few hundred hours of  polishing and some powder-coating and it starts to look nicer...

(these pics 2002)

The next step in the project is to leave the half done project in the shed while you change jobs, move house and have more kids.  The last three things will keep you broke for a few years and way too busy to do what you want to :)  Eventually you will find the time, money and motivation to get going again.
(these pics Dec 2004)
The good looking bloke in the above picture (ZED FREEMAN) didn't exist when I bought the ZX900R to start this project

After stepping over the bike in the shed for so long I realised what was needed next.  The seat height still needed even more lowering (in keeping with the drag bike style) and I had gone "off" the ZX9R blue.  Ashley Martin was given the bike, sub-frame and ZX9R foot pegs and he has done an awesome job of getting it all to work.  The pegs look like they should have always been there (raised for ground clearance and slightly rear-set).   The flowing lines from the tank to the king/queen seat and the ducktail look sweet now.

(these pics Jan 2005)

The next step is to get the side-covers to fit the modified frame and decide where to stuff the electrics.  I need to remove some brackets, add some brackets, make a  battery-box and mounts for the tail-light / number plate.

So this is where I'm up to at the moment.
(January 2005)

Future plans include things like paint, engine work and I might even get to go for a ride one day!

I have sourced some great parts from Z Power  including a bikini faring, Z1000 side-covers and all those rubbers that perish over time (grommets, fuel cap rubber etc).

Having carried the nickname "Frog" for most of my life the best bike to copy could ONLY be Hugh Keays-Bryne's "TOAD" bike from the 1974 Sandy Harbutt cult classic "Stone".  Below are a couple of screen grabs from the DVD [Copyright Sandy Harbutt. No unauthorised use permitted] Paint by Dave Hart 02 99794016

[Copyright Sandy Harbutt. No unauthorised use permitted]
Paint by Dave Hart 02 99794016


From left to right in this picture are:
 Toad (Hugh Keays-Byrne), Undertaker (Sandy Harbutt),  Vanessa (Rebecca Gilling), Capt. Midnight (Bindi Williams) and Stone (Ken Shorter).


[Copyright Sandy Harbutt. No unauthorised use permitted]


"If you haven't seen Stone then you missed the worlds greatest Kawasaki Z900 movie."

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