802.11b wireless resources, Geelong, Australia and other places.

Andy's 802.11b Wireless Pages:

        Dave, Jason and Andy have a play  - May 2002
        (on DK's roof in a few degrees with wind and rain)

Power over Ethernet - 5 inch drive bay hack - March 2002
(PoE using the power from your PC)

How to erect a 50 foot mast for 2.4Ghz 802.11b wireless. - Feb 2002
(15 meter sounds so much smaller)

79 Ford Escort - 802.11 Wireless
NetStumble and war driving in  "The Wireless Esky" - Jan 2002


Mailing List signups:

                Geelong Wireless Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

                Melbourne Wireless Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Web pages:

                Geelong Wireless

                Melbourne Wireless


Other sites that I found something interesting:
(most recent ones first)

Nokia Guides
Nokia A020-A021 Wireless LAN Access Point Downloads
bridge - Linux ethernet bridging
CategoryWireless - ixid.net wiki
DigiTemp (DS1820 temperature sensors for Linux) (& win95)
Inside the WUSB11
LEAF - Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall
Lego MindStorms Wireless Antenna Tripod Adapter
Linux Firewall --- Shorewall Features
Musenki - an exhibition of the early effort
Weather Instruments by Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.
10 GHz waveguide slot antenna
SBC's---ISA PCI PC-104 Processors
Sugarloaf Network Systems - Home - Washington Area Network, Web, Training Services
Network Calculators
Wireless Network Structure - documentation
Wireless Network Structure - v1.2
TREVOR MARSHALL - Slotted Waveguide 802.11b WLAN antennas
Test Equipment For 2.4GHZ Wireless LAN
PWNPs Apple Airport Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
O'Reilly Network Bridging 802.11 Networks with Linksys [Aug. 24, 2001]
FreeNetworks Network Address Allocations
Fresnel Zone Clearance
Great page of wireless links
Fresnel Zone results
D-Link hack -- The Making of a Built In N-Connector Pigtail
Brisbane Mesh
Compaq Wireless LAN WL400 Product Information
WAP11 hack (100mw)Maokhian Web Presence
Australian IT - Airwaves the free, fast net (Kate Mackenzie, January 29, 2002)
CABLES and CONNECTORS http--www.techsplanet.com-cables.htm
Elektrosmog Links
Using a Unix computer as a 802.11 wireless base station
Increasing RF power on 802.11b WLAN Access Points using snmp commands.
Gnet Gateway
RF Transmission Line Loss Calculator
Compaq WL310 repackage w- PoE
Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA Modifications
AcademyTV - mounting hardware
wes's bookmarks Wireless Networks
AirPort Base Station Configurator
Antenna Systems & Supplies Broadband, Wireless LAN, Wireless Internet Equipment Page
Attenuation & Power Handling Calculator
e3 - Perth's own Wireless FreeNet
galaxy1 wireless-ConfierModifications.htm
good pricing site
Hardware Comparison
linux boot floppy - WRP the E-Z Way
linux taking off on the airport
Melbourne Digital and Wireless - Networks with no wires - Australia
O'Reilly Network Recipe for a Linux 802.11b Home Network [Mar. 06, 2001]
Pacific Monolithics - Galaxy
PoE (Power over Ethernet) How To - NYCwireless
Point To Point
Pringles Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip) [January 09, 2002]
software downloads -- net stumbler dot com
WirelessAnarchy has arrived - hide the kids.


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